#NomNomNom Tag

Got mentioned on my comments by foodblog W in Wonderland about the Nom Nom Nom Tag. This tag was set up by feelgood-blog Team Confetti. These are food related questions so I figured I’d be up to the challenge, so here we go!

What do you like what everybody else despises (and the other way around) when it comes to food?

Hmmm, I actually think this is probably the hardest question because I don’t think there is really anything that I eat that other people are like wtf? seriously? I guess the closest thing would be chicken feet at dim sum restaurants.

On the other hand, I cannot stand mushrooms, but it seems like other people really love them.  It’s funny because I used to like them, but then around 7 years old, I couldn’t stand them.  Now it is a texture thing and if I feel them in my mouth I gag.  Can’t do it.


What do you often cook?

Meat. I often cook some type of meat, mostly steaks and chicken thighs.  Baking chicken thighs is super easy and I can just marinate them, pop them in the oven, and go do something else (generally not productive).  I have also been making a lot of salads recently though, which is more salad than I have ever eaten in my life.

What’s your favourite restaurant?

Hmm, I am pretty much a Yelp troller.  With that being said I would probably say that my favorite restaurant is either Jiraffe in Santa Monica or Evan’s American Gourmet Cafe in Tahoe, CA.  For me, favorite restaurants is not always just about the food, but about the experience and I think these 2 were one of my favorite dining experiences.

If you were able to invent a sandwich, what would it be called and what would be on it?

Not sure what I’d call it, but it would definitely have pastrami it. I am a huge sucker for pastrami. It would be on rye bread and have melted gruyere cheese, pickles, and a garlic aioli.  Nothing fancy, but just stuffed full of pastrami and flavor. Pastramamama!


Share a useful cooking tip:

This may seem unfair and unfeasible to most, but have someone else wash your dishes. At my apartment, we have a deal where I cook, and either Jenn or my sister cleans the dishes. This works out for everyone since each person gets to do what they prefer, and let me tell you….it’s wonderful.

What’s on your food backing bucket list?

Smoked BBQ, Creme Brûlée, drinks, and I’m sure there are a lot of others, but I just can’t think of them right now

What would you rather do: cooking your own meals, ordering food or having dinner?

Like W in Wonderland, if money was no object, I’d eat out for dinner every night. I love to dine out for the whole ambiance plus the good food.  But, alas I am poor, so I will cook my own meals, which is something I also really like doing anyways.

Are you allergic?

Nope, not to anything that I know of at least.

What’s your food obsession right now?

I don’t really have a food obsession right now.  I guess my obsession is always barbeque, always looking for good bbq.  But cooking wise, it’s anything I havn’t tried before I guess.


What’s your favourite desert?

Ice cream.  Followed by souffles, creme brûlées, and cheesecakes.

Hopefully you guys learned something new about me. Now here are my tags:

1. Andrea from Cooking with a Wallflower – Jenn and I have been following Andrea’s blog since we first started blogging. She’s also based in the San Francisco Bay Area and has really great, simple recipes. She also has some cool DIY projects that Jenn wishes she can do.

2. Alice from alifemoment – We’ve also been following Alice’s blog recently. She has quite a range of delicious recipes and has awesome presentation. She is also as pizza obsessed as Jenn is.

3. All of you guys! Please comment below and tell us what are some of your favorite dishes, obsessions, and about your food personality.